I’m Not Dead (I’ve Just Been Writing)

Even your coffee is shocked

That’s right folks. Shock, horror. A wannabe novelist who has actually been putting the hours in. And, as boring as it sounds it is the truth. Continue reading

Every Day is a School Day

Deciding to apply for one of the larger creative writing courses under the influence was perhaps, in hindsight, ill-advised. The ask was for the first 3,000 words of your novel. The outcome would be an honest appraisal from someone who reads hundreds of first 3,000 words a year.

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Anna Jordan’s Action Table; or What Playwriting and Tron Have in Common

Kevin Flynn from Tron:Legacy

‘Welcome to the grid,’ said Kevin Flynn in Tron: Legacy, ‘A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? […] I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see. Then, one day, I got in.’

Never did I think the opening lines of a science fiction blockbuster would have such resonance with the process of creating a play.

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