I’m Not Dead (I’ve Just Been Writing)

Even your coffee is shocked

That’s right folks. Shock, horror. A wannabe novelist who has actually been putting the hours in. And, as boring as it sounds it is the truth. Continue reading

On the Longlist for the British Theatre Challenge

After a long week of feeling miserable with a cold, I have the pleasure to announce my play, ‘This Mess We’re In’ has been included on the longlist of the British Theatre Challenge. To celebrate, let’s take a moment to revel in the musical genius of PJ Harvey’s track of the same name and the inspiration point for my play.

Anna Jordan’s Action Table; or What Playwriting and Tron Have in Common

Kevin Flynn from Tron:Legacy

‘Welcome to the grid,’ said Kevin Flynn in Tron: Legacy, ‘A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? […] I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see. Then, one day, I got in.’

Never did I think the opening lines of a science fiction blockbuster would have such resonance with the process of creating a play.

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