Samples and excerpts from current projects and short stories.

Novel in Progress – While Men Slept
Shortlisted for the Norwich Writer’s Centre Six Month Mentorship through

While Men Slept

Nothing can be more slightly defined than the line of demarcation between sanity and insanity… Make the definition too narrow, it becomes meaningless; make it too wide and the whole human race are involved in the dragnet. In strictness, we are all mad, as often as we give way to passion, to prejudice, to vice and to vanity. But if all the passionate, prejudiced, vicious and vain people in the world are to be locked up as lunatics, who will hold the key to the asylum?
– The Times, 1853

Read the full excerpt.

Short Stories
Fair Game

Fair Game

The nuns of Saint-Médard started it in 1733; their caterwauls clawing into the night. Shrieks, cries, sobs and sighs now expressed in long, lamenting meows.

Read the full story.

Published in short story collection 100 RPM – 100 Short Stories Inspired by Music, edited by Caroline Smailes and inspired by the song Ragoo from Kings of Leon.

Their laughter drifts lazily through the still afternoon air, mingling with the happy hoots of an owl announcing the coming dusk.

Read the full story.

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