I’m Not Dead (I’ve Just Been Writing)

Even your coffee is shocked

That’s right folks. Shock, horror. A wannabe novelist who has actually been putting the hours in. And, as boring as it sounds it is the truth. Which does not mean that I haven’t also been reading. So in the spirit of sharing, I thought I’d pull out some of my click-bait for the curious at heart.

  1. The shortlist for the Bruntswood Prize announced
  2. The article, Books Are Dangerous by Frank Furedi via Aeon Mag (In fact, anything by Aeon Mag)
  3. The news report that I’m still smirking at: Dog Called Trigger Shoots Owner via The BBC
  4. W.G Sebald’s Writing Tips because I need all the help I can get
  5. Emilie Wapnick’s TED Talk on multipotentialites which is my new excuse and I’m sticking to it
  6. The music that will break your heart every single time: Rob Dougan’s Vale (Ave Atque Vale)

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