This Month I Have Mostly Been Reading..

1. The Terrors of the Night by Thomas Nashe

The Terrors of the Night by Thomas Nashe

Why should you read it?

Because no one writes like this anymore.

Why did I read it?

An 80p impulse buy that I mistook for a slice of ghost-story Victoriana.

Favourite Line

The bones of the dead, the devil counts his chief treasury, and therefore is he continually raking amongst them; and the rather he doth it, that the living which hear it should be more unwilling to die, insomuch as after death their bones should take no rest.

2. The Nether by Jennifer Haley

The Nether by Jennifer Haley

Why you should read it?

Firstly, go see the play. Having sold out The Royal Court back in October, The Nether is now playing at the Duke of York’s Theatre until 25th April and is nominated for Best Set Design, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Actress in a Supporting Role and Best New Play at this year’s Olivier Awards. I was lucky enough to see the play two weeks ago and was both enchanted and disturbed by the production.

Aside from the intricate staging, the play text is not wildly different from the staged version and presents a vision of our world in a not-too-distant future where private dreams are catapulted into the criminal domain. The play is haunting and immensely challenging, forcing audiences to re-examine their knee-jerk, black-and-white stance on ethics and free will.

Why did I read it?

Having first seen the production, I wanted to see how much of what I’d seen was written into the text and how much the visuals come from the director, stage designer and general collaborative process of putting on a play.

Favourite Line

We offer a place where you may dismantle everything the world has told you about right and wrong and discover pure relationship.

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